Private Clients

Formal Valuations

We provide independent formal valuations to private clients and their professional advisors – including family offices, solicitors, accountants, private wealth managers and executors.

Our formal valuations include both written and photographic evidence which in the case of loss through fire, theft or natural disaster provides proof of existence and correct levels of insurance cover.

We specialise in providing formal valuations of:
• Fine art
• Jewellery & Watches
• Silver
• Classic motor vehicles & boats
• Rare Books
• Wine
• Furniture
• Antiques
• Decorative Art
• Memorabilia

“We offer written valuations ranging from a single item to comprehensive collections”.


Insurance values are based upon the cost of replacing an object from a retail source or reputable dealer and are inclusive of associated costs such as freight, insurance and installation.

Fair Market

Fair market value refers to the price which an object would be expected to realise on the open market assuming a willing buyer and seller.

Family Division

Family division values are based on the market values for the purpose of providing a fair distribution of joint assets.


Superannuation values are designed to reflect the market value of the assets in the fund.

Australian Government
Cultural Gifts Programme

Valuations of gifts reflect their current market value.

Collection Management

Our collection management database is provided as an Access database and includes a photographic record.


McWilliam & Associates archive all files under a security number without reference to clients personal details.